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    Fuji Computed Radiography solurion

    • [click] Radiological Imaging Technology (brief)
    In the Medical Systems sector, products range from X-ray film and computed radiography to medical IT Systems for hospitals. The strengths lie in digital image creation, processing, and archiving. Digital radiography equipment from Fujifilm is very popular; in the Life Science area, products range from fluorescence scanners to CCD camera systems for bio-imaging to systems for nucleic acid isolation, and clinical dry chemistry.

    Medical Image Processing

    Fujifilm is the inventor of digital radiography and “global market leader” in this area. More than 1,300 storage phosphor readers are being used by radiological surgeons, orthopaedists, and vets in Germany alone. The vendor is further strengthening this position; their computed radiography systems are also being used in mammography, combining the maximum image quality with the minimum X-ray exposure.

    In the area of Digital X-Ray, the company is presenting a completely new product series. This includes the DR Velocity U-fp as a digital chest unit, the DR Velocity T-fp (bucky table) and the Velocity Unity (U arm) with a processing capacity of up to 240 images per hour. The systems work with a particularly small dose rate for the patients. Both the speed and resolution are among the highest for DR systems, with an effective quantum yield of approx. 40 %. The vendor’s Velocity systems are being offered with an X-ray unit, thereby forming a complete workflow-optimized system.

    Fujifilm is one of the few manufacturers that cover the entire range in the area of digital radiography, from image creation to archiving, including the generation of the image (CR/DR), the diagnosis, the distribution of the image, and its archiving. This kind of comprehensive system containing all these components, and available in a compact size, is also presented by the company for the private radiology market.

    Fuji Medical solutions based on throughput:

    - Low;

    - Medium;

    - High.

    In all three options, the Drypix Prima printer can be utilized.

    (1) Low throughput : FCR Prima

    A simple reader unit but with proven image quality and product durability.

    Compact footprint, only 0.24m2

    The FCR PRIMA is one of the most compact and lightweight reader units on the market. The required space is comparatively smaller than other similar table-top systems and can be installed in any open space. Another advantage of this unit is that you don’t need a darkroom any longer.

    Stable and optimized images

    Image Intelligenceâ„¢ from Fujifilm is an integration of various digital image processing technologies to enhance the contrast and sharpness of the entire image without any risk of losing the image details. With the Image Intelligenceâ„¢ technology, you can now obtain stable, optimized, and high-quality images.

    Flexible reading in various sizes

    The IP cassette can read various imaging sizes such as for the chest, lumbar spine, pantomography (15  30cm*), and extremities. Virtually all imaging requirements can be satisfied with a single unit.

    *Optional (To be chosen at the time of purchase)

    Durability that we can be proud of

    The FCR systems have proven to be day-in and day-out reliable, thanks to the well-designed product features and the built-in redundancy that prevents problems before they occur. In working with the FCR, its proven durability will provide you with the maximum uptime for your medical facilities.

    Other features

    * Throughput of up to 29 images an hour

    * Repeated use of IP.

    (2) Medium throughput : FCR Capsula X

    (3) High throughput : FCR Capsula XL II

    Worldwide, extensive experience results in confidence for FCR

    In 1981, FUJIFILM was the first manufacturer in the world to successfully digitize X-ray images with FUJIFILM Computed Radiography (FCR). This made it possible to effectively handle diagnostic images in a digital format that constantly provided highly precise, stable images. FUJIFILM has leading installation experience worldwide resulting in confidence to satisfy all users.

    Compact Frame and Vertical cassette insertion for Effective Work Space

    FCR CAPSULA XLII is designed to insert the IP cassette at an angle to ensure effective layout of the equipment in a working area that tends to be confined. As a result, this model requires less installation space compared with previous horizontal-insertion models, and therefore, offers more installation flexibly.

    Compact with High Efficiency

    FCR CAPSULA XLII enables extremely high throughput of up to approx. 94 IPs/hr.* and the time to display the image on the CR Console monitor is approx. 23 seconds, in spite of its compactness.

    *35 x 35 cm size on high-speed mode

    All-in-one unit for all diagnostic imaging needs

    For better diagnosis, FCR CAPSULA XLII can be optionally upgraded for 50-micron reading with the single-side HR-IP and a new IP cassette type CH to visualize more fine and minute structures. In addition, three types of IP cassettes (Type CC, LC & CH) can be used for various imaging needs such as chest, lumbar spine, or extremities, as well as pantomography (15  30 cm). Virtually all imaging needs can be satisfied with this one unit.

    Easy Operations monitored on Screen

    Capable of automatically starting the IP reading and image processing when the IP cassette is inserted, the system is designed to complete the IP reading cycle with simple operations. Setting parameters can be changed with the buttons on the monitor screen. The screen can also display the status and the time remaining to complete the IP reading process for user-convenience.

    Image Display and Processing – CR Console

    The multi-function console handles all complex procedures of digital X-ray imaging – patient ID, image reviewing, processing and printing, DICOM interface, and more – as well as quality assurance functions all within a single workstation.

    Featuring Image Intelligenceâ„¢ Processing

    Image Intelligenceâ„¢ is an integrated set of image-processing technologies that comes from the accumulation of over 70 years of imaging expertise.

    Since the world’s first CR was introduced into the market, FUJIFILM has been continually striving to improve electronic imaging technology for medical care. As a result, the company has constantly delivered innovative technology and high quality images, as can be seen with FNC (Flexible Noise Control) that maximally suppresses noise while leaving all effective image information intact.

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